Are school librarians an endangered species?

We were asked to view 5 leader’s responses to this question and state what we thought the ‘take home message’ was.

After viewing the 5 video podcasts I would have to say that ‘the take home message’ is very much focussed on 21st century learning and preparing students for being citizens of the 21st century. A century very much defined by information and technology.

As teacher librarians our role needs to be one of information literacy leader. We should be mentors to staff and students in being critical users of information and ideas and should be experts in finding, evaluating and using information for learning.

It is also important in this age of information that we maintain our core values and in particular the core value of freedom of information. We need to be keenly aware of censorship in its many forms and especially within ourselves in relation to the personal biases that we all carry.

We are not endangered but are in need of constant adaptation in order to survive and thrive.


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