Library Curation using Pinterest

I’ve been studying up on library curation ideas and using social media as a forum. I looked particularly at Pinterest because it’s a social media I use and am familiar with. I stumbled across Live Oak Public Libraries page I found it a little unprofessional to be honest. I expected, it being a public library forum, that it would contain images and information about the collections held by the library which it did. However it also held boards with such names as ‘Squirrels’ and ‘Librarian Style’ which contained images of squirrels and of fashion for librarians. These boards just struck me as more personal than was appropriate or necessary for a public library page.

I thought the board that contained images of entries into a competition and the board with crafty ideas very appropriate and great ideas.

Overall, I can see the benefit of using a social media forum such as Pinterest as a curation tool. The ability to have different categories as well as easy to view and eye-catching images makes it very easy for users to see what’s available in the library collection.


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